Friday, July 23, 2010

The best sniper shooter ever

Vasily Zaitsev Russian peasant from the Siberian steppes is the best sniper shooter ever, his famous battle with the German Major Erwin König, was adapted in several popular films, although in the German documents were never found evidence of the existence of Major König.

Late in the summer of 1942 he reported voluntarily to the service on the front lines on which he was put into the 1047th Defense Regiment of the 284th Defense Division. This was put into the 62nd army in Stalingrad. During the Battle of Stalingrad after the Soviet assigned him a sharpshooter Zeitsev killed about 225 German soldiers between November 10th and December 17th, 1942. After his own assignment until January 1943 twenty-seven more were to be added.

Soviet war reporters report that Zeitsev killed forty Germans with precise shots in the first ten days after the landing of his union on the western banks of the Volga. Moreover he led a sharpshooter school in the ruins of the Lazur chemical factory in which he trained 28 soldiers, who themselves supposedly killed 3000 German soldiers.

To the famous Noble-Shooter (name of a sharpshooter of the Red Army with more than 40 fatal hits) belonged "Zikan" with 224 dead German soldiers and officers, Nikolai Ilin (185 [dead]), Under-officer Studentov (170), Sergeant Passar (103), Viktor Medvedev, Anatolij Tschekow (17 dead Germans in just 2 days), Tanja Tschekowa (40), the Ukrainian man Kucherenko (19) and a Usbek with unknown name, who shot 5 Germans dead in 3 days.


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