Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The first motorcycle

Motorcycle, 29 August 2010 celebrated its 125 birthday. The first model with a wooden frame and wooden wheels also, in its day was considered a vonder.

Known as the "father" motorcycle with an internal combustion engine, a German gunsmith, and later an engineer Gottlieb Daimler, in collaboration with Wilhelm Maybach 1885 produced the first two-wheeler equipped with this type of engine.

The first motorcycle was run single-cylinder, four-stroke engine and the drive is used then the miraculous new fuel - gasoline.

The engine start with turning handle. Motorcycle was equipped with two extra wheels, one on either side of the knee axis, and the entire engine was placed inside the aluminum shaft.

Daimler protect its patent 29 August 1885, but was soon found that the prototype engine is not powerful enough and that the motorcycle "Petroleum Rajtvagen," as then called, is one unstable machine that is extremely difficult to drive. Such a precarious ride, are further added then the roads which are not even resemble the present.

Since it was a true visionary, Daimler has decided to focus attention on the production of "horseless carriages" - forerunner of the modern car - so that the "Petroleum Rajtvagen" is left forgotten in a place where still can be seen, the museum „Daimler – Benz“ in the German city of Stuttgart.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Mosquitoes killer

Huang Yuyen from the Junlin area in Taiwan has become a real danger of mosquitoes. Currently most popular Taiwan's, is in a month killed about four miiona mosquitoes that are sought together all of 1.5 pounds, and thus set a new world record and won the award (3000 US dollars).

This woman has managed to overcome her 72 rivals, and catch that was two times higher than that achieved its strongest opponent.

The competition was organized by the company Imbictus International, specializing in the fight against various insects.

As local media reported, the company has already notified the Guinness Book of Records, Huang Jujen to be recognized worldwide as the best and most successful mosquitoes killer.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Biggest speeding ticket ever issued 2

Swede who was driving his Mercedes, 290 kilometers per hour (180 mph) along the highway through the Swiss, was fined one million Swiss francs (724,000 euros).

Swiss police, that stopped Swedish driver on the highway A12 between Bern and Lausanne, where the speed is limited to 120 kilometers per hour (75 mph), seize his car as collateral to pay the fine.

Although there are no statistical data, it is believed that this is an absolute record for speeding on a highway in Switzerland. Driver sporting a black Mercedes was stopped by police Frajburg County, as the camera set flew by on the highway.

Brought to it, and with a driver's license taken away his car to, worth 180,000 euros. Speeding more than 25 miles per hour in relation to the prescribed limit is a criminal offense in Switzerland.

Last astronomical penalty in the amount of 200,000, "Swiss", was issued last January, the Swiss driver of red "Ferrari" that was driving 137 kilometers per hour in a place where the limit is 80 km.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Longest Film Ever Made

The longest film ever made according to is The Burning of the Red Lotus Temple, which clocks in at 27 hours long. The film was never shown in its entirety due to its length. Instead it was split into 18 features that were shown from 1928 through 1931. Even though the film was split, it was produced as one major film as a whole. I wonder if anyone here at Spill can sit here in a cinema for 27 hours watching a film that's in black and white. Some consider The Cure For Insomnia to be the longest film ever produced with a running time of 87 hours, but the film has no plot. With no plot/charecters it really isn't considered a film. It consists of a man reading a poem throughout the movie with occasional clips of pornography and heavy metal.

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