Sunday, September 12, 2010

Biggest speeding ticket ever issued 2

Swede who was driving his Mercedes, 290 kilometers per hour (180 mph) along the highway through the Swiss, was fined one million Swiss francs (724,000 euros).

Swiss police, that stopped Swedish driver on the highway A12 between Bern and Lausanne, where the speed is limited to 120 kilometers per hour (75 mph), seize his car as collateral to pay the fine.

Although there are no statistical data, it is believed that this is an absolute record for speeding on a highway in Switzerland. Driver sporting a black Mercedes was stopped by police Frajburg County, as the camera set flew by on the highway.

Brought to it, and with a driver's license taken away his car to, worth 180,000 euros. Speeding more than 25 miles per hour in relation to the prescribed limit is a criminal offense in Switzerland.

Last astronomical penalty in the amount of 200,000, "Swiss", was issued last January, the Swiss driver of red "Ferrari" that was driving 137 kilometers per hour in a place where the limit is 80 km.



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