Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strongest beer in the world

The strongest and most expensive beer in the world called "The End of History", has 55% alcohol. Bottles of 330 milliliters cost 765 dollars, and makes with technique of extreme freezing.
One of the founders of the British company "BrewDog" witch producing it, James Vat said: "This beer marks the end of all other beers".
Last year the company has been criticized because it is produced, beer from 32% alcohol, but started the race for high-alcoholic beer, so then a German brewery produced beer from 40% alcohol, then on market appeared "Sink The Bismark" with 41% alcohol.
Somewhat unclear what all of this. because the beer is very popular because you can drink a bottle or two, and still be able to keep irrelevant discussions. However, although the "end of history" may be the beginning of a new philosophy for the beer you will need considerably more money than now, and these specimens of 765 dollars they found their customers - were sold for 12 bottles (the first two Danes), the following will be delivered in the U.S., Canada, Italy ... It tastes like whiskey and so it should consume - carefully.
It is interesting that this beer is rated as most shocking. For bottles, was use of several animals killed on the road: four squirrels, seven weasels and wild rabbit.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The best lover in the world

In the list of the biggest seducer of the world by Maxim magazine is published in the first place It is Umberto Billo from Italy, who allegedly had sex with more than 8,000 women.
Umberto was a carrier of luggage in a hotel in Venice and says that he is allowed to easily get in touch with the girls and women who have stayed there. He claims that, that happened in one night he has relationships with four women. "It is not irrelevant, that at home was waiting for me a insatiable wife," said Umberto, who recently got fired because he had too often been exhausted to do his job. On the "Maxim" list of the world's second biggest seducer Charlie Sheen takes place with 5,000 women, Gene Simmons won a third place, and hi had sex with 4600 women. The following Julio Iglesias (3000), Inglbert Humperdinck (3000), Ilie Nastase (2,500), Jack Nicholson (2,000), Lemi Kimister (1200), Magic Johnson (1000) and Bill Vajmen (1000).

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Most expensive toy in the world

Golden Bugatti Veyron which costs 2.4 million euros was declared the most expensive toy in the world.
It is a replica of the famous car that is in the ratio of 1:18 made of twenty-four carat gold and platinum and decorated with diamonds. Doors and hood of expensive toys, which is more expensive than the two real Bugattis, can be opened, and steering wheel is function. Golden Bugatti was created by British designer Stuart Hughes and Swiss luxury designer Robert Gulpen car models. The sale will be found three copies of the model which is named after the famous race winner "24 Hours of Le Mans" Frenchman Pierre Verona.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Women spend 7920 minutes a yer nagging (Nagging wife)

Women spend 7920 minutes a year having objections to its partners, mainly due to domestic duties, alcohol consumption and health, the result of the survey, which was organized in England published in June 2010, and attended by 3,000 participants. It was found that women criticize the partners an average of two and a half hours a week, or 11 hours per month. The largest number of objections related to the daily tasks at home, and then the following complaints for excessive drink and watching sports transmission and in the end because men typically avoid visits to the doctor. Consolation is that most women say that it works out of love, and it is interesting and that experience shows that nagging in most cases gives result, because men do at the end of what they are asked. The most interesting of all is the fact that even 83 percent of men surveyed admitted that their partner's are right in nagging.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Human fetus can not feel pain

The human fetus can not feel pain before 24 weeks of age, according to the study of the British Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, published in June 2010.
Research conducted at the request of the government, a blow to abortion opponents who are pushing to shorten the time to perform legal abortions in the UK which is currently 24 weeks. At this stage of fetal development of nerve endings are not sufficiently established to enable the feeling of pain, say authors of the study.
They say that there is any obvious evidence that even after 24 weeks of age the fetus is in a kind of unconscious state, or prolonged sleep, reported The Associated Press.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Most expensive musical instrument in the world

A violin made by the famous Italian master Giuseppe Guarneri that is sold at auction in July 2010 in Chicago for $ 18 million, which is the most expensive musical instrument in the world.
Violin was made 1741st , and is named after the musician from 19th century Henri Vjeten. The owner of the precious instrument is a British banker Jan Stoker. The world today is of 140 Gvarnerijevih violin, and many of them are owned by various museums and foundations.

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