Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strongest beer in the world

The strongest and most expensive beer in the world called "The End of History", has 55% alcohol. Bottles of 330 milliliters cost 765 dollars, and makes with technique of extreme freezing.
One of the founders of the British company "BrewDog" witch producing it, James Vat said: "This beer marks the end of all other beers".
Last year the company has been criticized because it is produced, beer from 32% alcohol, but started the race for high-alcoholic beer, so then a German brewery produced beer from 40% alcohol, then on market appeared "Sink The Bismark" with 41% alcohol.
Somewhat unclear what all of this. because the beer is very popular because you can drink a bottle or two, and still be able to keep irrelevant discussions. However, although the "end of history" may be the beginning of a new philosophy for the beer you will need considerably more money than now, and these specimens of 765 dollars they found their customers - were sold for 12 bottles (the first two Danes), the following will be delivered in the U.S., Canada, Italy ... It tastes like whiskey and so it should consume - carefully.
It is interesting that this beer is rated as most shocking. For bottles, was use of several animals killed on the road: four squirrels, seven weasels and wild rabbit.



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