Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The best lover in the world

In the list of the biggest seducer of the world by Maxim magazine is published in the first place It is Umberto Billo from Italy, who allegedly had sex with more than 8,000 women.
Umberto was a carrier of luggage in a hotel in Venice and says that he is allowed to easily get in touch with the girls and women who have stayed there. He claims that, that happened in one night he has relationships with four women. "It is not irrelevant, that at home was waiting for me a insatiable wife," said Umberto, who recently got fired because he had too often been exhausted to do his job. On the "Maxim" list of the world's second biggest seducer Charlie Sheen takes place with 5,000 women, Gene Simmons won a third place, and hi had sex with 4600 women. The following Julio Iglesias (3000), Inglbert Humperdinck (3000), Ilie Nastase (2,500), Jack Nicholson (2,000), Lemi Kimister (1200), Magic Johnson (1000) and Bill Vajmen (1000).


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