Thursday, August 5, 2010

Human fetus can not feel pain

The human fetus can not feel pain before 24 weeks of age, according to the study of the British Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, published in June 2010.
Research conducted at the request of the government, a blow to abortion opponents who are pushing to shorten the time to perform legal abortions in the UK which is currently 24 weeks. At this stage of fetal development of nerve endings are not sufficiently established to enable the feeling of pain, say authors of the study.
They say that there is any obvious evidence that even after 24 weeks of age the fetus is in a kind of unconscious state, or prolonged sleep, reported The Associated Press.


Very informative story, did you know that the human brain cant feel pain either? I wrote a blog article about it on

No feeling of pain before 24 weeks eh? Then why do NICU nurses routinely limit skin contact with what they call "micro-preemies"..? Because babies born from 22 weeks(typical viability limit) to 27 weeks have HYPERSENSITIVE skin!! Meaning their skin is HIGHLY sensitive to pain and other stimuli..

Yes the human brain cannot feel pain.. your point?
Yeah.. try again..

Even if it is true, which I highly doubt. Will it be right then to kill the baby if it doesn't feel and/or is in a state of sleep? Would it then be aslo OK if one blow some anaesthesia vapour into the room of any 'undesirable' human rendering him/her asleep and oblivious to pain and kill him/her?
Did you know if you shoot someone with a high power rifle through the ears that it is impossible for the victim to hear the bang or feel the projectile hit - what would you call it if someone stalks you with a rifle an shoot you like that? No hearing the shot no feeling the projectile hit.

Of the sheddign of innocent blood.
Numbers 35:33 "So ye shall not pollute the land wherein ye are: for blood it defileth the land:"
If you look around in the western world today do you think it is polluted by innocent blood does it look cursed of God - hint read the news.

For one, the "HYPERSENSITIVE skin!!" of micro-preemies is perhaps because they are no longer developing naturally-maybe they are not in the same unconscious state that they would be if they were still in the womb. Secondly, killing a fetus that does not have the same consciousness as a post-birth human and does not think or feel emotion, does not have memories, and supposedly doesn't feel pain, is NOT the same thing as murdering a human being in the situations detailed by Anonymous on May 10. If killing a living thing is MURDER simply because it's a living thing, then every single one of you have committed COUNTLESS acts of murder.
Abortion may be wrong, but then again so is having the baby and giving it up for adoption, in which case it WILL be conscious and feel pain and emotion, and might spend its entire life wondering why its biological parents didn't want them. And so is having it even though you are in no position to take care of it and it grows up in poverty with few opportunities for a decent life. And so is having baby after baby just because you're "pro-life" and contributing to the already-ridiculous overpopulation problem!! The best option is to do your best not to get pregnant in the first place unless you're ready for it. But shit happens, and when someone else's fetus is aborted it doesn't cause any personal HARM to you! Judge all you want but stop trying to control everyone else's life.


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