Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Biggest battle ever

The biggest battle that ever, was the Battle of Kursk in World War II, between the Soviet Union and Germany. This battle was the turning point in World War II and marked the fall of Germany in the east. Aalso this is the biggest tank and airplane battle ever.

Battlefield was as big as half of England. The Soviets employed about one million women to dig more than a thousand kilometers of channels, to prevent the German blitzkrieg attack, so their tanks could stuck in these channels and thus were disabled for battle.

On one side of the mighty German Sixth Army, which numbered: 435,000 men, 3155 tanks, 9,966 guns and mortars, 2110 aircraft. On the other side powerful Soviet Army which numbered: 1.2 million men, 3275 tanks, 25.013 guns and mortars, 2792 aircraft.

This was also one of the most bloody battles in history. The Germans lost 170,000 men, 720 tanks, 681 aircraft. While the Soviets had suffered far greater losses, they lost 863,000 men, 6.064 tanks and assault guns, 1.626-4.209 Aircraft, 5.244 guns.

This is the biggest battle that ever happened, I hope that something like this will never happen again. All people who participated in this battle are heroes, all of them participated in a mythical battle that will retail for centuries, and we can only assume how they felt in the real hell on earth.


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