Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Real Cold War

Most Americans have no idea that the United States and Russia did openly engage each other in war. In 1918, about 11,000 American soldiers and Marines were sent to Russia to support what remained of the Czarist Russian army, where (in future irony) they joined Japanese troops fighting in support of the Czarist forces. In September of 1918, 7000 Marines landed in Vladivostok, and shortly thereafter, 4000 soldiers arrived in the far north of Russia, where British troops were already fighting the Bolshevik army. It was not until 1920 that Woodrow Wilson decided that he could not stop the Bolshevik takeover and quitely withdrew all American forces from Russia. American involvment in the Russian Revolution was well remembered in Russia, especially during the Cold War, even though it has been nearly forgotten in the United States. The number of American dead has still not been officially released to the American public.



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