Monday, May 23, 2011

Apaches - the largest white shark ever caught!

We talk about the big fish? Scientific expeditions caught and then returned to the water so far the largest white shark ever caught.

Male 5.5 m in length, was found near the Mexican island of Guadeloupe. This specimen was killed the previous record for the team, 5.1 meters long shark, a female white shark they named Kimel. Both records were informal and not recorded by the formal organization.

New champion gave the Apaches on the model of a ship captain from Bret dog Maggie, from the show One shark that is broadcast on National Geographic Television.

The two-ton, Apache has provided a strong resistance, at one point they almost did not free - said expedition leader Chris Fisher.

Struggle with Apańćijem is something we have not experienced - added Fischer.

When he was pulled aboard, the team put in a shark satellite transmitter, took a blood sample and then released back into the sea.

He was frightened, and the body had a large scar, then we might say that this is a tough guy - Fischer said - I was impressed at the same time humbly stand beside him.



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