Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tallest teenager in the world

Thai Malee Duangdee (19) reached 208 cm and still growing. Doctors in the ninth year of his life concluded pituitary tumor that secretes excessive growth hormone
Thai Malee Duangdee (19) is the highest teen in the world with a whopping 208.3 inches, but is still growing.
From an early age she knew it was different from their friends. The doctors in her ninth year of life concluded that pituitary tumor secretes excessive growth hormone. Although she had two operations, her health has not improved, and her life has become unbearable because the school permanently fucked that span.
- I felt like a monster - she is small for the Daily Mail. - At school I was constantly insulted, I could not wait when I finish school and stay with myself.
Otherwise, Mali is due to the growth began to lose his sight and had to receive injections that parents often had no money.
- I have never had a boyfriend. I think that I will never marry. Marriage is not possible for someone like me - she was small.
Her father defends herself to go somewhere because she sometimes needs help getting up, and she says that it is very difficult. Has 130 pounds and entered the Guinness Book of Records 2009th as a teenager highest in the world.



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