Sunday, February 14, 2010

Best rifle ever

Kalashnikov AK47 is the best rifle ever produced. AK 47 (AK-automatic rifle Kalasnjikov, 47-designed 1947) is designs by Russian solider Mihajel Kalashnikov 1947.This is the best selling and most used rifle in history, it has produced over one hundred million worldwide. Because of its simplicity became favorite weapon of terrorists and pirates around the world. This rifle is so popular because it is simple to use, easy to maintain and above all, this is the most reliable rifle ever produced. During the war in Vietnam, U.S. Marines were conducted testing, how quickly can learn their soldiers to use this rifle.It took three hours to teach soldiers to use AK 47, M16 for three days.On their reliability enough the fact that American soldiers during Vietnam often used taken rifles, because they are more reliable then M16.



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