Thursday, February 18, 2010

Largest building in the world

Today, the largest building in the world is Burj (tower) Dubai, 824 meters high (2500 ft). This is an engineering triumph in every aspect, but the Chinese have announced that they will soon make even bigger building.
That is why the Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest buildings ever made.It was bult in 2551 BC and was a high 160 meters (500 ft), but due to erosion is high now 138 meters (455 ft).In it is embedded 2.3 million stone blocks, and each is weight 2.5 tons. It is perfectly aligned to the sides of the world, northern slot correctly shows the North Star and the southern slot central star in the Orion belt.What is even more mysterious, that ancient Egyptians accomplish this before the wheel was invented.Many people believe that they were made gods or aliens.This pyramid is one of the seven world wonders. It was the largest building in the world more than 3800 years, while the Eiffel Tower was built in Paris. Even today this is one of the largest buildings in Africa and the world.



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