Friday, February 5, 2010

Incredible insects

Heavyset insect in the world (Goliath giganteus)

This bug is heavy about as a hamburger from McDonald's, African Goliath beetle weighs about 150 grams. But unlike the hamburger, this 10 centimeters (3-4 inches) long bug have strong jaw and horns, and spends days rummage the garbage and fighting with anyone with a mood for battle.

Longest insect in the world (Pharnacia serratipes)

This unusual insect looks like the most common 15 centimeters ( 6 inches) long branches ( with legs), but these kinds of bugs that are widespread in Malaysia and Indonesia and can grow to 55 centimeters ( nearly two feet)! The same kind from the front legs can roll the attacker in the eyes of a substance very similar to tear gas.

Loudest insect in the world (Brevisana brevis)

This beetle, with its drum-like membranes, which are located in the abdomen, this insect is an absolute record in making noise. To attract more beautiful half of its kind, is able to make irritating sound volume to 106 decibels even 50 meters (60 yards) away. For comparison, the drill for breaking up concrete products the noise volume of about 100 decibels.

Bug with the largest wingspan (Thysania agrippina)

Because of the incredible wingspan of over 30 centimeters ( one feet ), this moth in the jungles of South and Central America people often replace for local birds. I didn't verify this information but, as I heard, this moth can make on sweater a hole size of whole sweater.

Beetle best jumper (Philaenus spumarius)

Regular inhabitant of every field, these half-centimeter long bug can drop back 150 of its body length. To this succeeded, 11 percent of the entire body mass are the leg muscles, and at jump experience the strength of gravity even 400 G. Man, for example, lose consciousness already at 4 G.

Most poisonous spider in the world (Phoneutria nigriventer)

Tests showed that a sufficient quantity of only 0.0000062 milliliters of this Brazilian spider venom to kill a mouse. Instead of creating unnecessary network, this spider prefers to hide in the various holes in the jungle and various fruits that are exported from South America.



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